Puppet Master A look Back

What started last summer and finally came to an end this past May I successfully watched all ten Puppet Masters in a row. We had some good times and some bad times and thanks to Elvira some great times watching the series that has kept Full Moon on the horror landscape.

I have been following Full Moon for about 10 years now and my blog is full of stories and reviews thanks to the little studio that does! I have met and talked to Charles Band on numerous occasions and despite the stories out there I have always enjoyed my time talking to him.

I remember watching Puppet Master for the first time on late night tv and remembering that it was a fun little movie. It was not until I worked at Suncoast Video that I realized the fan base behind Full Moon and the Puppet Master movies that they were still pumping out.

I jumped on the Full Moon bandwagon full time when I met Charles Band for the first time in 2005's Flashback Weekend when he was promoting Evil Bong that was soon to come out.  Evil Bong is my favorite series in the Full Moon catalog and what keeps me coming back day after day. Ever since that day, I have been collecting DVD's, Blu-Rays, VHS, and countless other collectibles that are all around the man cave.

But it was not until Band teamed up with Elvira and Hulu for Halloween Horror Nights! It was pure gold and the first time I revisited Puppet Master. Soon after I decided that it was a fun trip and it was time to catch up with the others and stat! So I did and it was a crazy fun time. Not always good but never too bad. So do you have a favorite Puppet Master Film? How about your favorite Puppet of all time? Let me know below and here are the links and the order in what I liked the best.

Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge  4 Bloody Brains

Puppetmaster (1989) 3 Bloody Brains


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