Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich Redesigns!

With Puppet Master The Littlest Reich in the can a new company his out to reboot The Full Moon Classic. Today at Texas Frightmare fans got their first look at the new puppets.  

“They have redesigned all the puppets. Four classic puppets are in the new film: Blade, Tunneller, Torch, and Pinhead. We had one new Puppet revealed: “The Happy Amphibian”. There are other new ones as well [that are] as yet unrevealed.

All FX are practical. CGI [is] only used to remove wires and control rods for the puppets.”

Basic plot: There’s a convention, these are brought in as WWII memorabilia. They bust loose and start killing people. Thus the action happens at the con and con hotel. It was shot in Dallas at the historic and very haunted Ambassador Hotel. Shooting wrapped two weeks ago.

For me, Blade looks very disappointing and well plastic but tunneler looks good and I can not wait to get the back story on the Frog! I will keep you guys posted on any more info.


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